Choosing History Essay Topics

October 2, 2020 in Essay help

History contains a collection of dates, years, and weird names of people who may have even died in the early centuries, but we still have to write something about history. We do not any other option. But once in a while, instructors, teachers, and tutors will give students the topic essays to write about.

How to select research topics

Before we know what research topics to choose, we also need to see how we can select the research topics.

1. Before, even one can begin writing, produce ideas. Go through the list of essays. Go through an example of the essay and the moment you get a topic that you think you like, even just by a small margin, jot it down somewhere, in case you get other topics that may be of interest to you to write them down too, that is like make your list of favorite topics. 

2. And also, pick a topic that you think will satisfy your tutor or teacher, and if you are to write about it, you will write it to your best. After you have written down the topics, please go through them and go through the instructions. Eliminate the topics you think are inappropriate for your research, go through your topics again. At this stage, please choose the topics that you know well enough and write about them.

These two steps of choosing a research topic will make you begin your research on the right foot. Do not forget that there are also the basics of excellent writing. Two rules for excellent writing are plan your essays using a method of outlining, and secondly, stick to a well-structured essay, that is to say;

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Another tip of writing essays based on history is to incorporate Wikipedia to look for historical events and you do not understand them well.

List of history essay topics

1. In America, the industrial revolution is an essay that is very excellent for an essay about the industrial revolution. A student can use this essay to explain some of the effects and causes of the industrial revolution. Or one can give an analytical overview of the industrial revolution.

2. Or another option about the industrial revolution could be the industrial revolution in a continent like Europe. The first country to industrialize in Europe is England, but it is not the last nation to industrialize. In this kind of topic, you can analyze and compare the level of industrialization between countries that are in Europe.

3. Or you can choose another approach; instead of writing about the industrial revolution, one can write an essay about Martin Luther King. This historical figure is still affecting the thoughts that we have on social justice, race, the strength of non-violent demonstrations. 

4. When writing about Martin, you can make a mistake of writing his biography instead of the essay. There is a way you can prevent yourself from writing the biography of Martin Luther instead of writing down the essay, and that is to focus more on what he did and how it affected people’s lives.


History is a broad subject that one can pick any topic that they wish to write about. But one must be careful not to exaggerate the facts. One must do thorough research on the topic that they are going to do.