The 12 Best Argumentative Essay Topics About Music

May 2, 2019 in Essay help

There is no field vaster than and half as wide as music. From almost the beginning of time, music has been the go-to stress-buster for man’s everyday problems. Hence, there is naturally no dearth of argumentative essay topics on music. From Beethoven’s symphonies to Ella Fitzgerald’s melodious crooning, from Vanilla Ice’s fast raps to Britney’s sugar-sweet pop tunes, finding an essay topic on music has never been easier.

Most of the argumentative essay subjects deal with the issue of pitting classical melodies against new-school genres. However, these are much more common than one thinks. To put a fresh spin on one’s essay. So to speak, here are twelve excellent and out-of-the-box topics to choose from:

  1. Fusion Music: Can the blend really be termed as music?
  2. Rap Belongs to Us: Are “white” rappers giving a bad name to the genre?
  3. Pop vs. Rap: Which of the two genres are actually worthy enough for our ears?
  4. E.D.M: Boon or a bane?
  5. “Jazz was meant to gradually die out”. Views for or against the statement.
  6. The New Age Rap: Azalea Banks or Iggy Azalea.
  7. Is E.D.M music or noise?
  8. Rap Gods: The stereotyping of the genre to the “black” culture.
  9. Is E.D.M the new-age Hard Metal?
  10. Was grunge nothing but another name for Nirvana?
  11. Metal and its effects on the youth of the ‘90s.
  12. Pop Culture: A temporary fad or an evergreen vogue?

Essays must have a subjective touch to them. Without the author’s essence in it, it is nothing more than mere scribbling. Every one has their own personal favorite genre of music. The trick is to choose the topic that corresponds best to that choice and spill out all thoughts onto the paper, sitting in front. An argumentative topic requires something extremely close to the heart. That is the secret behind all great compositions on music.

Most students love it when their assignment is to write an essay on music. An underrated key to extra points on the assignment lies in the inclusion of examples. A composition well-highlighted with examples to illustrate the underlined points always makes it an interesting read. The tough job is not to write the assignment, but to actually select a topic from the wide range of probable subject matter, without getting blindsided. Once a good topic is selected, nothing can stop the author from actually penning down his or her thoughts beautifully.