How To Compose An Effective Narrative Essay: Basic Tips

April 17, 2019 in Essay help

If you are planning to write a narrative essay then you can surely take help of any guideline from MyEssayGeek. You will have to gather a lot of information or language skill or something like that. All you need is to follow some basic things that will help you to write a good narrative on any topic. The basic concept of narrative essay is that unlike other essays you will have to describe an incident, any person, any object or event. To write such things first go through some examples and then follow some tips and write yourself.

Some tips for writing narrative essay

  • Choose a topic which you know very well and you clearly understand every step behind the incident. It will be easier for you if you understand the story.
  • Start telling the story in an interesting way to get attention of the reader, which is the ultimate goal of any literature.
  • Try to give some moral experience that you have gathered from that incident or that person about which you are writing the narrative. These skills matters a lot and carries ultimate impression of your writing procedure.
  • Do not give long descriptive introduction or conclusion. Try to concentrate on the main point of the topic and especially the beginning of the story should not be boring.
  • Try to minimize the sentence length and give catchy interesting things as much as possible.
  • Give your own feelings and narrate it from your point of view and use your own language.
  • Avoid quoting some other people. Since the essay should be narrative, you should avoid quoting someone.
  • Give the vibrant details of the story. Even if you do not know the extreme details, try to fill up the missing links that is hampering the flow of the story. You should use your imagination power to fill up the voids.
  • While putting the imaginative part you should take extra care since these kinds of essays are not fictional and hence make sure the story should not sound fictional.
  • Do not start writing directly, sketch out a draft and then start writing the main essay. You draft should contain all the story and also the missing links.
  • In general narrative stories about any incidents should be written in past tense. Make sure you maintain these major things properly.
  • Describe the important characters or the important places at the beginning.