Simple Advice On How To Write An Opinion Essay About The New Deal

March 6, 2018 in Essay help, Essay sample, Opinion essay sample

Let’s admit it; Franklin Roosevelt had a hard task solving the situation that the USA was in after the Great Depression. This downturn had an economical and a physiological effect in the American society that could not be neglected. The Wall Street Crash was an unprecedented event that altered people’s perspective of life back in those years. This period, in between both World Wars, was not easy for anyone. How to develop an opinion essay on the New Deal? We propose some useful guidelines in the following lines.

The New Deal

In short, this was the strategy that Roosevelt proposed to handle the concerning situation of crisis in the USA. Quite a few changes had to be implemented and some of them were drastic. Someone had to do it, there was no better option. Roosevelt ended the Prohibition; buying alcoholic drinks became legal once again. He also managed to produces cheaper electricity and ended the surpluses of some everyday’s items, such as wheat or dairy products, in order to raise prices.

Despite his and his cabinet efforts, Roosevelt didn’t manage to turn the situation around. Therefore, there was a Second Deal which supposed major changes and readjustments in several fields. In order to create an opinion essay on these issues, you should read a chronological succession of events in the first place. Once you have the facts in front of you, it is possible to come up with some insight.

Creating an opinion

Back in those years, many changes and modifications were carried out in US society. Basically, the country had to adapt to a new situation in order to float once again. Dealing with the sinking was once thing but assuring the stability in the long term was a much harder task. However, one important thing to note is that those changes made possible the society we live in nowadays. For instance, the workers movement supporting their rights was born in the 30’s decade. Once again, despite the efforts the Great Depression persisted and it wasn’t until the beginning of Wold War II when the economy was revitalized due to the need of production.

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