Easy Controversial Essay Topics: 15 Questions Worth Discussing

May 27, 2019 in Essay help, Essay sample

Many writers have some issues when they intend to write controversial essays. There are total 15 questions to highlight. There are over a million topics to produce informative controversial articles. However, students have to choose relevant topics to jot down their qualitative controversial essays.

  • First Question
  • Is your controversial write-up destructive to one’s sentiments? To be frank, a writer must not be corrupted at the time of placing the list of controversial issues to discuss. These controversies must be handled in amicable condition.

  • Second Question
  • What is the motif of the writer to raise controversial issues in his write-up? A writer must have rationality with good wishes for welfare. His criticism must be useful to people to upgrade their knowledge. So the objective setting is one of the issues for writers to complete their research papers.

  • Third Question
  • Is the controversial issue argumentative or descriptive? Writers have to give the priority to the argument raising. They have to find the root of controversy.

  • Fourth Question
  • What is the cause of the controversy?

  • Fifth Question
  • What is the effect of the debate/controversial issue?

  • Sixth Question
  • What is the motif of writing the controversial essay?

  • Seventh Question
  • What will be the writer‘s objectives to write content on the current controversial issues?

  • Eighth Question
  • Are you agreed or disagreed? In controversial write-up, the writer must admit or give his views against the topic.

  • Ninth Question
  • Will you give your views in the introduction or concluding part of the content? Always decide to give your views in the conclusion. Your academic write-up must have something powerful to motivate readers.

  • Tenth Question
  • When do you need to start arguing? You have to start elaborating the content in the body. Through short paragraphs, start your controversies by giving the positive and negative points to enlarge the content strategically.

  • Eleventh Question
  • Will you use same arguments to support views? In controversial write-ups, use two different poles of discussion. It will be much more vivid to help readers to mug up the write-up.

  • Twelfth Question
  • Is there scope of making judgment in the debate? Always you must have stamina to give some solution to overtake the current controversy.

  • Thirteenth Question
  • Will you ask readers to make comments? If the debate is critical, give the task to readers to opine to some extent.

  • Fourteenth Question
  • Will you make the draft before submitting the controversial write-up? Students must do homework to avoid errors in the content writing.

  • Fifteenth Question
  • Do writers need to edit the controversial content? Readers like the content which has the perfection with smooth flow to entice readers.

All these questions must be tactfully handled by writers when they are supposed to write my essay today on various controversial incidents.